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Mortgage Calculator - How to Calculate Your Monthly Mortgage Payment

Just starting to shop for a new home? Do you want to know how to figure what yourmonthly payment would be based on a certain priced home? No problem, there are plenty of mortgage calculatorson the web you can use free of charge (clickhere for an example of one). All you need to know is the mortgage amount, sale price less the down payment, interestrate (also easy to access on the web), and the number of years you wish tofinance your new home, usually 30 years (360 months) is the maximum term. Simply input those numbers into the mortgagecalculator and voila you have your monthly payment calculated for you. Can you see the advantage of knowing whatyour approximate monthly payment is going to be while your home shopping?

If you're thinking about refinancing your current mortgageloan a mortgage calculator can be a great tool for you. You'll need to know what your existing homeloan balance is, a current mortgage loan interest rate, and the number of yearsyou wish to refinance your home loan. Now pay attention to this for you could really help yourself with thisinformation. Use the mortgage calculator to calculate the monthly payment and compare it to your current payment; if thenew payment is less, you might consider refinancing your current mortgageloan. Better yet, take your existing home loan balance and add your credit card and / or other debt balancestogether then calculate a payment and compare this payment to your current homeloan, credit card, and / or other debt payments. The new payment may be hundreds of dollarsper month less. Again, you might consider refinancing your current mortgage loan and pay off some of your otherdebts too. Please consult a mortgageprofessional for all your mortgage needs.

Author Marc Sisk; Marc has been originating all types of mortgage loans since 1998. His web site's title is Mortgage Calculator | Refinancing Home Loan | Mortgage Lender. By being an affiliate branch of alarge mortgage lender Marc is able to originate mortgage loans in most of the United States, visit his web page to see if we're licensed in your state.

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